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Expert Witness
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Courts of law rely upon information offered in evidence as the basis for
decisions rendered. Evidence comes in many forms, including photographs,
recordings, devices, forensic evidence, documents, and individual testimony.
Oral testimony by expert witnesses is, however, often the major source of
evidence at a trial.

Witnesses who testify are hired as a  paid expert play an important role in interpreting data, explaining complex material, and drawing knowledgeable inferences based upon their extensive  training and experience.

As a professional Marine Surveyor
I have been called to testify as an expert witness on a variety of cases involving damages to insured vessels
representing either the owner or the insurance provider. 
In all cases, where I have been retained as an expert witness, my testimony was the deciding factor in awarding the claim for damages.
Since I represent the boat, my findings are based on factual evidence
obtained from my investigation of the damages sustained to the vessel,
utilizing the expertise, training and tools of my profession.

The surveyor services utilized by the majority of insurance agents in a
claim for damages typically represent the insurance company and have a
minimum level of training and expertise in vessel construction.
Unless you are confident your insurance will unquestionably cover your claim, it would be prudent for you to obtain the independent services of a Marine Professional Surveyor to represent you and your vessel when major damages have been sustained.
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