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Testimonal letters
Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc.
Following are testimonal letters from clients in Word Document.  If you would like a hard copy of a document please request it from Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc.
Expert Witness Testimonal(s)
Your testimony at the arbitration hearing was extremely beneficial and crucial to BoatU.S. being
awarded the total amount we were seeking.
Perez, Goran & Rodriguez, P.A. (PGR)
Attorneys At Law
Letter Dated March 26, 2002

Expert Witness Letter

Insurance/Damage Survey
This letter is to thank you for your support and efforts in my year long battle with BoatUS in trying to get the
claim for damages on Why Knot satisfied!
If it had not been for the Damage Survey Report done by Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc. this claim would be in litigation. I am happy to report that BoatUS has decided to salvage Why Knot and settle our claim almost one year to the day that she sunk!
If you had not become involved, as my representative, this claim would have never been settled!! Because of this,
you can be confident that I will strongly recommend to all my boating friends that they get their own professional
marine surveyor involved in any major insurance claim early in the claim process to protect their investment and for their own peace of mind!
Jean Miller
Clearwater, Fl.
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