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Arranging For A Survey

With Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc.

by Captain Stanley G. Konz, A.M.S.

Before you sign on that dotted line, you'll want to know that you are getting your money's worth and that the boat is safe as well as in good condition. The best way to find out that information is to hire a professional marine surveyor to represent the boat.


It's still a "buyer's" market out there so although the seller/broker may bite their nails, if the boat has the value they've portrayed they'll understand your desire to get the best survey possible and work with you on the scheduling.


The best professional surveyors are out surveying boats, not sitting in the office waiting for the phone to ring. So, please don't get impatient and play "Dial-a-Surveyor" to line up a body the second your offer is accepted.


Even in today's electronic world of 24/7 communication, there will be times I'll be crawling around between engines, out on a sea-trial or just out of cell range and not able to answer your call personally.


All the phone numbers listed for Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc. have voice mail, so if you don't

hear a "human" voice,  please leave a message.   Your name, telephone number and brief description about the type of survey you need will be fine.  We'll get right back to you, usually the same day!

The information we'll need from you is:


1. The type of vessel to be surveyed

2. Where the vessel is located

3. Where it will be hauled for the survey

4. The broker/owner's contact numbers

5. The preferred day for the survey

6. Alternative dates


If you prefer, you can also submit this information to me via the auto-responder on this page: Contact Us


Please see "Buyer-Seller: Who Does What?" so you will  know who is responsible for scheduling haul out, sea trials, paying for services, etc. to help you in planning for your survey.


Once we've established initial contact fax, email, internet or even "snail-mail" can be used for later correspondences.


I'm looking forward to working with you.


Captain Stan

Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc.

Cell: 941-737-3495

Local: 941-792-9116

Toll Free: 800-576-9116

Fax: 941-761-8908