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Written by Captain Stanley G. Konz, A.M.S.
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A sea trial is part of the professional vessel survey performed by Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc., i.e. does not have any extra fees or costs involved for this service when a full vessel survey is requested. 
The sea trial involves not only per-formance testing the vessel and its engines, but is also the time when many major systems are checked out.
A sea trial can be crucial in discovery of potential problems with the vessels operating mechanics and instrumen-tation.
On the sea trial, not only is the engine and overall vessel performance evaluated, but we test the steering, controls, shafting, engine mounts and exhaust systems.
We also examine the hulls structural elements while under load.   On sail-boats,  the overall sailing systems are tested and evaluated for condition and proper tuning as well as reviewing the full compliment of sails for signs of stress or damage.
There are a lot of things that need to be looked at in a short period of time. Therefore, at the very minimum, we recommend that an open water sea trial be carried out for at least one
hour's duration, but longer for larger yachts. 
Short  runs in restricted waterways will not accomplish this objective.  This is one of the logistics questions that needs to be considered when making arrangements for the survey.
Whenever possible, open ocean trial runs are recommended.   However, when sea conditions are rough, we have to defer to the seller's discretion because of the liability risks that could be raised  by taking the vessel out in rough water. 
If necessary, the sea trial portion of the survey can be re-scheduled under the above circumstances.
Please contact our office if we may be of service to you:
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