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Professional Services
Offered By 
Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc.
Captain Stanley G. Konz, A.M.S.
Accredited Marine Surveyor
    My name is Captain Stanley G. Konz
with Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc. located in Bradenton, Florida. 
    This site was created to not only to familiarize you with our services but will help you understand what a Marine Survey Report is and explain the different types of surveys.
    It is hoped the information provided
here will give you a clear explanation of the types of surveys that are available from a professional marine surveyor and why one of these may be requested by your lender or insurance underwriter.  Or, for the prudent boater, to be considered as part of their on-going maintenance program for their 
vessel (investment).  
    We have over 13 years of full time accredited experience in the marine surveying profession with extensive experience in surveying  boats, yachts, and charters (both new and used),  plus new boat construction.  Our experience can also assist you in damage claims and expert witness testimony.
    Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc. is a member in good standing of several well recognized 
Marine Associations, Councils and Guilds (see Resume).   As a professional Marine Surveyor, our services are offered not only in Florida but globally as well (see Areas Serviced).
    Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc. is not associated with any boat yard, marina, yacht sales, repair contractor, or charter company. As your surveyor of choice, you can be assured that there will never be a conflict of interest with the broker or parties selling a vessel!  
    After viewing the information on this website you will learn that there are many different types of Marine Surveys. Each survey is based on the individual needs of the requesting party.
    Commissioning a professional marine survey will give  you the information and confidence you need to make an informed decision on a large investment and will also provide you an evaluation of the true condition of the boat for you and your family's safety.  We are here to help you, our client.
    Capt. Stan's motto is:
 "Represent The Client,
Speak For The Boat"
    Please take a few minutes to review the various services we offer (see INDEX) or to read some of the comments from our customers (see Testimonials).
    If you have any questions on any of the material provided here, or desire a professional survey performed on your vessel,  please Contact Us
    Thank you for taking the time to visit our website!
Captain Stanley G. Konz AMS
Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc.
10443 Waterbird Way
Bradenton, Florida, 34209

Cell:           941-737-3495
Local:         941-792-9116
Toll Free:   800-576-9116
Fax:            941-761-8908
Email:         Maritime Vessel Surveying