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 Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc.  Information
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Have a question?  Want  more infor-mation on types of surveys, types of documentation or other services?  Send an auto-responder message directly to Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc. and we will personally respond to your inquiry.
The personal resume of Captain Stanley G. Konz, President and Owner of Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc.
Before you sign on that dotted line make sure  you are getting your money's worth and that the boat is safe and in good condition. Read what we'll need from you to schedule a survey.
Areas of the United States and Internationally serviced by Maritime  Vessel Surveying, Inc.
 Marine Survey Report
Narrative of the professional Report of Marine Survey you will receive on your boat from Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc..  Included is a sample report.  Following are two of the services included with your customized report:
Sea Trial (see description below)
An extensive list of both specialized and standard tools utilized by Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc. to survey a vessel.
Letters from clients on our service as
an Expert Witness in an Insurance litigation, a boat owner in a claim for loss  and other testimonials.
Introduction To "Surveying 101" 
If you have never had a professional marine survey completed on a vessel before it may be helpful for you to understand exactly what it really is that "you need to know".  It is hoped the following articles will provide this information to you:
Learn why most Insurance Underwriters and Lending Institutions want a Marine Survey on any boat you purchase.
Who's responsible for scheduling the survey? Paying for haul out of the boat?  Getting the bottom cleaned? Find out!
Do you need a pre-purchase or insurance survey? Maybe an appraisal or damage inspection? Considering donating your boat?  You will learn the difference between the various types of marine surveys that are available within the industry.
Types of Surveys/Services
The following pages provides general information about the services Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc.  offers, and other important information you may need to know when buying or selling a boat, submitting a claim for damages or preventative maintenance to protect your investment.
A damage survey is typically required when there's been an accident or damage to a vessel.  Why is hiring an independent surveyor to represent the boat a smart thing to do?
Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc.  works for plaintiffs or defendants in identifying the cause and orgin of such things as manufacturing defects, structural defects, sinkings, groundings, all types of theft or damage, etc.
Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc. professional service of representing vessel owners  and/or insurance underwriters in legal cases requiring an "expert witness".
Your boat's underwater metal fittings such as propellers, shafts, struts, and thru-hulls are susceptible to electro-chemical corrosion. Read what can occur on your boat.
Though oil analysis is intended as part of an ongoing sampling and maint-enance program, a single test can still tell a great deal about the health of an engine.   Read  why it's recommended to have your oil analyzed once a year so lubricating deficiencies are detected early, saving you thousands of dollars in repair costs.
Ignoring an osmosis problem often results in a severe blister problem . Many boat owners are opting  early on to have their vessels tested for early signs of the developing crisis. As in many other deteriorating conditions, initiating protective measures can save a great deal of worry and expense later on.
Underwater Machinery consists of propeller, struts, stern drive units, bushings, rudders and various other items necessary for the operation of a boat.  Their are no gas stations on the water, many break-downs result from problems with these parts! These should be inspected for galvanic or stray current corrosion damage and wear.  
With correctly running underwater machinery your boat will last longer and run better.  Learn what to look for, what preventative measures can be taken.
Vessel documentation is a one time process, a federal certificate of ownership issued by the USCG.  Read here to find out what you may need and why.
Understand why hiring a professional marine surveyor can save you time and money on new or custom built vessels.
This inspection is performed so that the insurance company can determine whether or not the vessel is an acceptable risk. It establishes the vessel's general condition/value and defects, damages or hazardous safety conditions which are likely to result in loss or damage.
The sea trial involves not only per-formance testing the vessel and its engines, but is also the time when many major systems are checked out. It can be crucial in the discovery of potential problems with the vessels operating mechanics and instrumentation.
This placard represents that your vessel is now equipped for safety per USCG regulations and has the proper documentation.
An inspection to provide an objective opinion of the claims made on the broker listing or published advertisement for the vessel you are considering buying. 
Personalized instruction on-board your new vessel to help familiarize you with the handling, operation of equipment, etc.
A VHS step by step, item by item video tape of the  survey of  your vessel.
Captain Konz has provided some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) and answers to the services provided by Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc..   Read them here.
Links  pertaining to buying a boat, marine surveys,  safety  and related topics.
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