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Pre-purchase Valuation  
The purpose of obtaining a pre-purchase valuation survey on a boat is for you, the buyer, to gain as much information on the condition of the vessel as possible before you buy it.  
This is the most comprehensive type of inspection, and obtaining one is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel. (See Types of Surveys  for additional information.)
In particular, Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc. will be evaluating and examining the vessel's:
  • Condition and overall operation
  • Structural integrity
  • Electrical systems
  • Propulsion system
  • Fuel system
  • All other machinery
  • Navigation equipment
  • Miscellaneous on-board systems
  • Cosmetic appearance
  • Electronics
  • Overall maintenance
  • Out-of-water inspection  
  • A sea trial
At the conclusion of this survey Maritime Vessel Surveying,
Inc. will provide the buyer with a Marine Survey Report.
This report is not distributed to anyone else without the express
permission of the buyer.
Please contact our office if we may be of service to you:
Captain Stanley G. Konz, A.M.S.
Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc.
If you require immediate support on your vessel, please fill out the Auto-Responder located on the  Contact Us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.