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Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc. .

Maritime Vessel Surveying, Inc. has performed professional marine surveys for client's located in California, Connecticut, Maryland and Texas as well as the Gulf Coastal Cities and the Caribbean Islands.


Standard survey fees will be quoted based on your geo-graphical location and may include applicable actual costs for travel and lodging.

Please contact our office to schedule an appointment to have your vessel surveyed, or to discuss fees.


Call toll free 1-800-576-9116

Geographical areas serviced are:
1. West Coast of Florida: There is no extra fee or charge for any city located on Florida's West Coast providing the survey can take place in one day.
2. Atlantic Coast, elsewhere in the United States, the Pacific Coast, Gulf Coast and the Bahama Islands are  standard fees based on the size of the vessel plus actual cost for travel and lodging if an overnight stay is required.


3. Global - Please contact us for an estimate.


Captain Konz is an FAA licensed twin-engine pilot who does volunteer Search & Rescue (SAR) Missions for the United States Coast Guard in the South East US, (D7). It may be arranged for Captain Konz to fly to the site of your survey.